Workshop "creative research on movement"

Workshop to explore the expressions of the body and our energy

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Workshop « creative research on movement »

Workshop to explore the expressions of the body and our energy


We will experiment movement and who we are in movement through various intentions and tasks, to explore different experiences of expression and their outcomes. Regardless of our dance background, we will use movement to meet each other through these exercises. For example, we will research different expressions of focus, both internal and external, alone and together, in pairs, trios, or in groups. We will also look at how we relate to ourselves and to a group, both physically and spatially.

The goal will be to discover our own expression and our own movements and stories, that will naturally emerge from our inquiries and from interacting with the group. 

This workshop is for you if you are interested in exploring your own movements, with others, in a playful, exploratory environment


Joakim Stephenson attended the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and joined the Royal Swedish Ballet straight after his graduation. Joakim has danced many different roles and worked with varies known choreographers. He has worked with different ballet companies, popartists, video and television. The Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm has hired him to choreograph several opera productions.




Datum & Tijd
23 september 2023
10:30 12:30 Europe/Brussels

Mosa Ballet School

Place St Paul 14
4000 Liège
+32 (0)4 325 18 00
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