International Conference 2023

A look back at the Conference "Dance with the Elderly"

September 22 2023 


Video presentation of the Quand on Danse programme

August 9 2023



Inclusive dance workshop for Mosa Ballet School students and Créahm dancers.

With Florent Devlesaver

March 13, 2023

Dance and Parkinson - Fit Your Mind/Kinesiphilia training

November 19 and 20, 2022


Open-bars - Classic barre classes in a rest home

November 29, 2022


First tea dance at La Mosa

December 11, 2022


Contemporary dance workshop for students of the Mosa Ballet School.

With Florent Devlesaver

February 07, 2023


Immersion in a nursing home.

With Maxime Laplanche and the Groupe santé CHC

August 9 2023


Retrospective of 2023

Thank you all for this beautiful year. It was marked by strong moments, sharing, and inclusion. How fortunate we are! We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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