The Quand on Danse program will dedicate the year 2024 to exploring the bridges that can be built between dance and cancer. Each of us may be affected directly or indirectly by the disease at some point, and it doesn't spare our loved ones either.

Scientific literature unanimously agrees that dance, and physical activity in general, contribute to well-being, both mentally and physically. In addition to its preventive nature, dance notably improves the quality of life for patients and fosters connections. This connection proves valuable for individuals kept away from their usual environment due to their treatments.

Several events will be organized this year, including dance discovery workshops open to all, workshops in rejuvenation spaces, a charity-focused Folk Ball, and professional training sessions. The highlight of the year 2024 will be the international conference on September 20 and 21, 2024. This conference will bring together experts in health through dance, scientists, and recognized personalities for their expertise. Participatory workshops are also on the agenda!

Looking back on the International Conference 2023 in pictures

Our workshops

We regularly organize discovery workshops open to everyone! These are led by trained dance instructors who respect the needs and specificities of each individual (the school has wheelchair-accessible facilities). They are offered at attractive rates, with the only prerequisite being to book in advance.

I'm discovering the upcoming workshops

Quand on Danse operates mainly on private funds and therefore constantly needs your support to ensure the sustainability of its events. That's why you will have the opportunity, during our events, to support us through a support fee. Don't hesitate to support us, every euro counts! For any donation starting from 40 euros, there is the possibility of tax deductibility.

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