Atelier découverte ballet

Avec Emmanuelle Hubaut

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Ballet discovery workshop

On Thursday, January 25th, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM with Emmanuelle Hubaut.


Simply observe those who practice classical dance to see that it promotes body awareness and ease of movement.

It also allows for correcting poor postures and releasing tension, contributing to relieving pain and preventing injuries.

Classical dance is a discipline that can be approached at any age because it engages all parts of the body, gently, simply for the pleasure of moving to the rhythm of the music.

No need to be flexible or have a particular physique to start!

Emmanuelle Hubaut will introduce you to this beautiful discipline through small exercises at the barre and give you a taste of the basics of classical dance. This workshop for adults is suitable and open to everyone!

As part of our thematic year "Dance and Cancer," the proceeds from our upcoming ballet discovery workshop led by Emmanuelle Hubaut will be dedicated to funding workshops specifically designed for individuals affected by cancer. Your participation will directly contribute to the realization of these meaningful projects.

If you wish to support our initiative, you can make a donation. Every contribution matters and makes a difference in our commitment to the community, combining the benefits of dance with the fight against cancer.


You want to participate, but your financial means prevent you? Contact us!

Date et heure
jeudi 25 janvier 2024
18:00 19:30 (Europe/Brussels)

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