Danse intégrée, adaptée et inclusive

Avec Florent Devlesaver

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Concept : 

From November 17 to 21, Florent Devlesaver will be offering a training program for dance teachers.

Various themes such as integrated, adapted, and inclusive dance, along with their theoretical characteristics, will be addressed during the first three days of the training.

As an introduction, Florent will explore the concept of disability and participants' perceptions of it. In a participatory approach, participants will be placed in real situations and will have the opportunity to prepare specific exercises during the initial days.

Finally, practical workshops will be included in the program for the last two days of training, synthesizing the theoretical foundations learned earlier.

The training will take place from 10 am to 4 pm (with a one-hour break).

Instructor : 

Florent Devlesaver is a contemporary dancer who performs using a chair. Following a workplace accident during adolescence, he decided to embrace his disability and started dancing in 2011. At the age of 26, in 2018, he chose to make it his profession.

 Since then, Florent has undertaken numerous projects, turning his disability into a source of resilience. He offers workshops in schools and inclusive dance sessions open to individuals with motor, mental, or visual impairments.

 Through his projects, Florent Devlesaver aims to challenge taboos surrounding disability and prompt the public to reconsider what disability truly is—an individual uniqueness rather than a hindrance. He is active in various dance companies (6th Sense, Le Huit, Unusual Symptoms) and collaborates with other dancers, such as Elisa Martinez and Claire Cherrière.

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Picture : Marion Schuniaud

Date et heure
vendredi 17 novembre 2023
Commence à 10:00 (Europe/Brussels)
mardi 21 novembre 2023
Fin - 16:00 (Europe/Brussels)

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