Conference & workshops “Dance with The Elderly”: Docteur Olivier Bouquiaux

 Dr Olivier Bouquiaux, a neurologist practising at the Fraiture rehabilitation centre (Liège University Hospital), will be speaking at our annual conference on 22 September. 

During a round-table discussion, he will talk about the many benefits that dance can bring from a medical point of view. It will also be possible to follow his speech online. 

Olivier Bouquiaux is the founder of the non-profit organisation "Fit your mind /Kinesiphilia - Care to Dance", a pioneering organisation in Belgium, created in 2014, which enables people with Parkinson's disease to practice adapted dance (following the example of David Leventhal's "Dance for PD" programme, also a speaker at our conference). 

Dr. Bouquiaux has worked with the association on a number of extraordinary projects, such as the ascent of Mount Toubkal by people with multiple sclerosis (2011) and the organisation of a dance show performed exclusively by Parkinson's patients (2015). The latter was the subject of a study and scientific publication by the University of Liège .

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